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I love Your Cooking It's tasty

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I love Your Cooking It's tasty

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A Frozen Party – My little Princess turns 3! 


I recently celebrated my three ear old’s Birthday a few weeks ago. It was the first year she actually understood the idea of a party just to celebrate her. She was so excited as we had talked about her party with her for weeks. We decided to throw her a Frozen party and invite her friends to come dressed as their favourite cartoon character. The Birthday girl was obviously going to dress as Elsa.

As a working mum, I had to ensure I prepared as much as possible in advance, which I was able to do; that is invitations, purchasing of the decorations and plates and cutleries. Preparation of the food was a little difficult this year as I wasn’t able to make the food. I was only able to do what I could, rely on some store bought foods and ask friends and family to assist where ever possible. My hubby did most of the running around, hanging of the deco and the other little things. I may have spent a lot of time bossing him around too. “Sorry about that Cheif”

Friends of mine made mini quiches and a cheese platter and my mother made the wonderful birthday cake and cupcakes to follow! The day pretty much went off without a hitch. I chose not to have any party games as some of the children I thought would loose interest in the games very quickly. All in all it was a wonderful day with themed Frozen food and we also invited Elsa to join the fun!  Till this day I am still unsure as to who enjoyed Elsa more, the children or the adults. Either way, the party was a success and the Birthday Girl was over the moon!


Elsa and Elsa

Elsa and Elsa meet – Dreams really do come true for some



The wonderful cake made by my loving mother


Sweet Table

The Sweet Table complete with Frozen Cake and other Themed foods.

Here are some useful tips when planning your child’s party. Please feel free to use this as a guide, it may not have everything you need to do so feel free to add to your own list as it applies to you.


Birthday Party Checklist

2 Months before the party 

  • Choose the party theme 
  • Choose the date, time and what sort of event
  • Apply theme to invitations and create them
  • As soon as you decide on the them get an outfit ready for the Birthday girl 
  • IF you choose to professionally cater your event – now is the time to book a caterer


1 Month before the party

  • Send your invitations – ensure the RSVP date is scheduled for two weeks prior to the party date
  • Count the number of children invited and prepare party bags accordingly keeping in mind the age of the children 
  • Think about entertainment – are you going to hire someone to entertain the children? or are you going to organise some games you will be running at the party?
  • Order Birthday cake or decide what you will make 


3 weeks before the party

  • Decide on the menu, what time is the party and are there any food restrictions you will need to be aware of
  • Purchase party decorations according to theme 
  • If purchasing frozen foods for the party consider purchasing these early to ensure that you have these items checked of your list 


2 Weeks before the party

  • Contact those who have not RSVP’s – chances are it may have slipped their minds 
  • Begin devising a plan of where you are going to set up the decorations and the food 
  • Ensure that you pay attention to detail and include everything in your plan including moving any furniture around to obtain needed space 
  • Ensure the children’s entertainment is confirmed or games have been organised and ready to go
  • Ensure party bags are ready to go


1 Week before the party

  • Purchase non-perishable foods and begin the food preparations 
  • Do a clean up of your house or the party area, move the furniture to create space needed 
  • Prepare the decorations 
  • Contact anyone who has still not RSVP’d 
  • If you are getting catered food, confirm the catering is going to plan 
  • Create room in your fridge to keep party food ready
  • Check the Weather forecast, contact guests if alternative arrangements are needed and ensure you are prepared for whatever the weather may have installed
  • prepare birthday candles and keep in a place you will remember


Day before the party

  • Purchase perishable food item 
  • Prepare food for the next day 
  • Take frozen foods out of the freezer to thaw so that they are ready to be put into the oven the next day 
  • Ensure tables and table wear is ready to be placed  
  • Begin putting decorations up 
  • Platters and cake stands take out and ready to be used 
  • Ensure Kitchen is cleaned and clear as soon as food preparation is done 


Party Day 

  • Finish the preparation of the food 
  • Ensure you designate an individual/s to be the runner – for the emergency 
  • Set up cake table, sweet table, food table and drinks 
  • If using plastic cups keep a permanent marker ready beside for guests to write their names on the cups 
  • Finish the decorations 
  • Do a final clean up 
  • Place party bag ready to be handed out 
  • Get Birthday Girl ready 
  • Leave some time to ensure that you can finish of a few little things you may have forgotten to do.
  • Make sure there is a little cake table ready to go at the right height for the Birthday girl and her friends to gather around. 
  • Ensure food is laid out on the platters and placed on tables ready to be eaten – make sure there are servers ready to be used and do not forget the food labels
  • Drinks are organised 
  • A present table is placed 
  • Some balloons tied to your letter box or front door 
  • Designate someone to be the photographer of the day
  • Don/t forget to eat 
  • Have the Birthday Girl ready to greet her friends at the door as they begin arriving





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