Chargrilled Monkfish Kebabs

September 23, 2015

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Chargrilled Monkfish Kebabs

Demo 10 min Serve 04

  • 100 g ciabatta
    600 g responsibly sourced skinless monkfish fillets or other firm fish , trimmed
    1 lemon
    olive oil
    sea salt
    freshly ground black pepper



1. Place 6 wooden skewers into a large roasting tray of cold water to soak – this will stop them from burning.

2. On a chopping board, slice the crusts off the ciabatta, then cut into 2cm chunks. Place into a large mixing bowl with a splash of boiling water and toss together.

3. On a chopping board, slice the fish into even-sized chunks, roughly the same size as the ciabatta.

4. Wash your hands, the board and the knife, then cut the lemon into 6 wedges.

5. Remove the skewers from the tray, discard the water and wipe the tray dry.

6. Divide and thread the ciabatta and fish between your skewers – don’t push them too close together otherwise they won’t cook properly.

7. Thread a lemon wedge onto the end of each skewer.

8. Place each one onto the tray.

9. Put the griddle pan on a high heat to warm up (or you could cook them under the grill).

10. Place the skewers onto the griddle pan and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until cooked through, turning every 2 minutes to get nice and golden on all sides – you may need to do this in batches.

11. Once cooked, transfer the kebabs to a serving platter and serve with a fresh zingy salad and some rice or flatbreads.

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Chargrilled Monkfish Kebabs

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